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Government policies concerning alteration or change within the Historic Environment are set out in the Scottish Historic Environment Policy (2011), [pdf, 312kb] and The Scottish Planning Policy (2010) [pdf, 299kb].

Because these documents use technical and shorthand language we have produced a series of Guidance Notes [‘MCGN’s’] which are intended to ‘translate’ policies into everyday context and language.

Our key aims are to identify the main issues which can arise in different situations, to advise on how best to deal with these, and to do so in a way that enables everyone to understand the reasoning which underlies our advice.

Managing Change Guidance Notes

PDF icon Accessibility [pdf, 4.5mb]
PDF icon Battlefields [pdf, 11.4mb]
PDF icon Boundaries [pdf, 4mb]
PDF icon Demolition [pdf, 2.3mb]
PDF icon Doorways [pdf, 3.7mb]
PDF icon Engineering Structures [pdf, 3.8mb]
PDF icon External fixtures [pdf, 3.2mb]
PDF icon External Walls [pdf, 3mb]
PDF icon Extensions [pdf, 3.2mb]
PDF icon Interiors [pdf, 3mb]
PDF icon Micro-renewables [pdf, 3mb]
PDF icon Roofs [pdf, 3mb]
PDF icon Setting [pdf, 2mb]
PDF icon Shopfronts [pdf, 3mb]
PDF icon Wave and Tidal Energy Guidance [pdf, 5.09mb]
PDF icon Wave and Tidal Energy Guidance Large Print [pdf, 351kb]
PDF icon Windows [pdf, 3.4mb]
PDF icon Works on Scheduled Monuments [pdf, 776kb]

PDF icon Intervention by Planning Authorities [pdf, 62kb]
PDF icon Appeals, Purchase Notices and Compensation: the rights of the applicant [pdf, 50kb]
PDF icon Glossary [pdf, 59kb]

Managing Change Guidance Notes: Consultations

Our existing published guidance has been through a process of public consultation to ensure that it is robust and meets our stakeholder’s needs.  As we are constantly reviewing content to ensure it is fit for purpose, and developing new guidance to respond to users’ needs, we also place consultation drafts on our website.

We would welcome your views on any the drafts open to public consultation.  Please visit our consultation page for information.

More broadly, your views on the series – be that errors, priorities for new MCGN’s, etc. - would be helpful to us. So do please feel welcome to send any comments to

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