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SEA undertaken by Historic Scotland

Historic Scotland are identified within the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005 as a Responsible Authority.  The term ‘Responsible Authority’ is used to describe the organisation responsible for preparing a plan, programme or strategy.  Being a Responsible Authority means that Historic Scotland consider all of its qualifying plans, programmes and strategies for Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).  Where significant environmental effects are likely we undertake an environmental assessment prior to adoption.

What is SEA?
SEA is a systematic process for identifying, predicting, reporting and mitigating the environmental effects of plans, programmes and strategies.  SEA is a vital tool for putting the environment at the heart of public sector activity and it is seen as a key component of sustainable development.

SEA achieves this by systematically assessing and monitoring the significant environmental effects of public sector strategies, plans and programmes.  The SEA process ensures that we seek views and expertise at various points in the process from SNH, SEPA, the public and key stakeholders.  A public statement as to how opinions have been taken into account is produced at the end of the process.

Our SEAs
A full record of all SEA work undertaken by Historic Scotland can be found via the Scottish Government SEA Database.  A selection of SEA reports prepared by Historic Scotland, including any current SEA activity, can be viewed below:

Corporate Plan 2012/15 Consultation

A public consultation on the draft Historic Scotland Corporate Plan 2012-15 ran from 5 October until 16 November 2011.

The Purpose of the Plan
Under Historic Scotland’s Framework Document Scottish Ministers are responsible for setting the policy and resources framework within which Historic Scotland operates. This includes approving a Corporate Plan for the Agency. The Corporate Plan forms the top tier of Historic Scotland’s performance management framework and supports the delivery of the Scottish Government Purpose of sustainable economic growth, National Outcomes and Strategic Priorities. The new Corporate Plan sets out Historic Scotland’s vision for the historic environment and the strategic priorities for the Agency over the next three years.

The Plan was developed in tandem with a Strategic Environmental Assessment to allow us to consider the impact our stated outcomes will have on the environment. The Environmental Report, Consultative draft and Consultation report can be seen below.

PDF icon Historic Scotland Corporate Plan - Consultative Draft [pdf, 575kb]
PDF icon Historic Scotland Corporate Plan - Environmental Report [pdf, 994kb]
PDF icon Historic Scotland Corporate Plan - Environmental Report - Summary [pdf, 412kb]
PDF icon Historic Scotland Corporate Plan - Consultation Report [pdf, 256kb]

Mavisbank Policies Landscape Management Plan

Historic Scotland adopted a management plan for the Mavisbank Polices in January 2012.  We would like to thank all those who responded to the public consultation with written comments.  The adopted plan, alongside the documents relating to the consultation process, can be found below:

PDF icon SEA Screening Report [pdf, 595 kb]
PDF icon SEA Determination [pdf, 37 kb]
PDF icon SEA Scoping Report [pdf, 636 kb]
PDF icon Mavisbank Policies Landscape Management Plan Issues & Options Paper & Environmental Report [pdf, 5.51mb ]
PDF icon Mavisbank Policies - Landscape Management Plan 2011-2016 [pdf, 3.31mb]
PDF icon Mavisbank Policies - Landscape Management Plan 2011-2016 - Consultation & Analysis Report [pdf, 1.17mb]
PDF icon Mavisbank Policies - Landscape Management Plan - Consultation Responses [pdf, 1.65mb]

See also current consultations and closed consultations & responses.

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