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Customer Survey - Historic Scotland's Inspectorate

Findings & Next Steps

Towards the end of last year Historic Scotland commissioned an external research company, George Street Research, to undertake a survey of our key customers and stakeholders to gain valuable information about the experience of dealing with the Inspectorate, which would inform our ongoing improvement programme.

The survey involved a total of 143 semi-structured telephone interviews which were completed in November 2009 with a range of customer types across the country. These were followed up by 10 in-depth interviews with customers who agreed to be re-contacted. This was to provide a qualitative dimension to the data gathered.

The main themes considered included awareness of Historic Scotland – and of the Inspectorate in particular, experience of dealing with the Agency, ease of contact and availability of information.

The findings of the report suggest that our customers have a good awareness of our work and are generally positive about the experience of working with us. In particular, customers were positive about our staffs approachability and attitude.

There are nonetheless areas where there is still room for further improvement. On the whole these focus on speed of response, a higher degree of pro-activity and more flexibility in its approach to customers. These tie in well both to the existing improvement programme, but also are central to the Inspectorate’s priority goal of improving the Customer Experience.

Since undertaking the report, we have used the key findings to contribute to the ongoing programme of improvement, and in particular to inform the client-centred advice and client-centred designation projects. A critical element is to that these key issues are addressed in a consistent way across the teams and business areas. We are therefore going to look at where teams have either established new processes or come up with good ideas of how to deal with the various areas of improvement, with the aim that these are rolled out across all of the teams. This includes more effective working with our partner agencies, ensuring that wherever possible a single member of staff acts as a case officer and holding training events with our external stakeholders to get a better grasp of their needs and aspirations. Likewise we have approached the teams for ideas for further initiatives which we will also be taking forward, for example a full review of our letters and designing a robust communications strategy.

Historic Scotland

July 2010

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