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We're changing

We have created a new public body, Historic Environment Scotland. While we work on shaping our future we can reassure you that all services and products will continue as normal. Please follow our progress and find out more about our new organisation.


Laser Scanning 'Scottish Ten'

The Scottish Ten is an ambitious five year project to use cutting edge technology to create exceptionally accurate digital models of five Scottish and five International UNESCO designated World Heritage Sites.

Scottish Skills Audit

Like Historic Scotland, a number of UK wide Industry-lead and grant-giving bodies (Construction Industry Training Board, National Heritage Training Group (NHTG), Heritage Lottery Fund, English Heritage) have recently recognised the significant level of traditional craft skills shortages in the country. A variety of nation-wide essential new initiatives are beginning to emerge to help address this issue.

One such initiative was the Historic Scotland and NHTG funded Scottish Skills Audit. This was initiated at the end of 2005 and the results published in January 2007. Following this and four other such studies, the Action Plan was devised.

Learn Direct and Build Forum

Learn Direct and Build is a collaborative venture of which we are a member of the strategic forum.  The venture aims to assist the training of skilled craft people and professionals within the built environment by delivering online learning programmes for those training in this area in Scotland.

Through the Glasgow Metropolitan College we aim to utilise all of our technical Conservation Group technical publications by converting them into electronic support materials. This information will be used to promote training support activities into rural areas where individuals currently have to travel considerable distances to attend training courses (where evidence has shown that a high level drop out rate occurs). In 2007 Historic Scotland and Learn Direct and Build signed a Minute of Agreement to develop innovative electronic learning solutions for all.

Scottish Conservation Forum in Training and Education (SCTFE)

The Conservation Group has developed and maintains close links with a wide variety of teaching and training organisations in the building conservation world through the SCTFE. This includes heritage bodies, government departments, training establishments, colleges, universities, and industry and professional lead bodies.

Meetings of the SCFTE are held 6 monthly. This has greatly assisted TC in addressing the deficit in conservation education and training, and traditional building material technology.

Network members also provide Historic Scotland with free inclusive specialist expertise in support of it’s project work, and through endorsing the quality, content and relevance of emerging publications.

Falling Masonry Group

All building materials decay with time and different stones degraded at different rates due to a variety of circumstances. The associated risks can be reduced by routine inspection by building owners, but this is seldom carried out despite check-list information and guidance being available from the Conservation Group on how to do this.

Recent falls of masonry and slates from tenement buildings are not unexpected. These incidents are liable to increase given that the emerging consequences of previous stone cleaning operations are adding to the naturally occurring problems that need to be addressed. The use of synthetic repair materials on stone has also increased the level of subsequent decay. Effective repair works require the replacement of damaged stone work in a matching material. This will require access to matching stone sources and to appropriately skilled masons. Both are in short supply.

It has been agreed that the Scottish traditional masonry industry has been run-down to an un-acceptable low level. Subsequently, the ‘Falling Masonry Group’ was established. The Conservation Group along with other industry bodies participated in this group to try and recommend a way forward.

A report from the group was released in 2006

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