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About Historic Battlefields

Commemorating Bannockburn (c) NTS
Historic battles hold a significant place in our national consciousness and they play an important part in our sense of identity.  These fascinating events live on today, recounted and commemorated through memorials, music, poetry and literature.  Battlefields, the landscapes on and within which these events took place, are often less well known. Yet they have great importance for what they can tell us about the course of the battle and its terrain, for the physical remains and artefacts they can contain, and as the location where soldiers fought and died and may have been buried.

Historic battlefields make a distinctive contribution to our sense of place and history, both locally and nationally. They are a superb resource for education, helping us understand why significant events in our history unfolded as they did and providing a tangible link to some of the key figures of Scottish history. The ground on which the battles were fought have enormous potential for attracting tourists, as well as for general recreation, allowing visitors to experience the site of a dramatic historical event for themselves and imagine the past.  For many they are a focus for contemplation and remembrance.

Like other elements of the historic environment, battlefields are a fragile and finite resource, vulnerable to a range of impacts from modern life that can damage them and diminish their value and potential. It is important that the most significant sites are protected now to ensure that their interest survives, and can be appreciated, in the future.

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