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Digitising Heritage: Hydroelectric Power

Capturing the historic environment through digital technology

                      Tongland Power Station, 1934, Galloway Hydroelectric Scheme

Digitising Heritage: Hydroelectric Power is a global initiative which celebrates the hydroelectric power sector and the heroic history of the industry across the world. The project is community led, and uses the knowledge and experience of a worldwide group of users to create a portal through which you can explore the history and development of the hydro sector. You can add data to the project or explore the data and images that are already on the site through the interactive map.

The site has been developed to make use of free and innovative web technologies, including those provided by Google, to allow it to be developed by individual user or subject interest groups, using a toolkit made available on the website.

Visit the website here. More information on how to add or explore the data on the site can be found on the explore and add data pages.

Digitising Heritage: Hydroelectric Power is the first part of the Digitising Heritage project and new themes will be developed using the same model. You can find out more about the wider project in the 'About Digitising Heritage' page.