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Energy Efficiency in Traditional Buildings Seminar – November 2008

A thermal image of a window
Historic Scotland Technical Conservation Group held a one day seminar on Energy Efficiency in Traditional Buildings on 26th November 2008.

PDF icon Seminar Programme [pdf, 167kb]

The seminar presented the results of recent research on energy performance and co2 usage in traditionally built structures by research partners and others involved in the work. Additional speakers considered other aspects of the thermal performance of older buildings and the factors that must be considered when assessing overall energy performance and carbon usage.

PDF icon Speaker Presentations

Paul Baker - Performance of Traditional Windows and Practice Improvements [pdf, 1.89mb]
Gary White - Carbon Footprint of Traditional Buildings and Materials [pdf, 603kb]
Paul Baker - Thermal Performance of Traditional Masonry Walls [pdf, 2.6mb]
Phil Banfill and David Jenkins - Energy Modelling of Traditional Housing Types [pdf, 273kb]
Craig Wheatley - Thermal Mass in Traditional Buildings [pdf, 747kb]
Maureen Young - Applications of Thermography [pdf, 4.52mb]
Nicholas Heath - Energy in Historic Buildings Lauriston Place Ongoing Work [pdf, 3.49mb]
Chris Sanders - Thermal Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality [pdf, 2.14mb]
Roger Curtis - Improving Traditional Building Performance [pdf, 2.41mb]
Jonathan Gotlee - Wider Considerations in Energy Efficiency and the Existing Housing Stock [pdf, 3.4mb]

PDF icon Further Reading

INFORM Guide - Energy Efficiency [pdf, 414kb]
Changeworks Report - Energy modelling in a tenement flat [pdf 751KB]
CGU Interim Report - U value of mass walls [pdf 1.08MB]
GCU Technical Paper - Thermal efficiency of tradtional windows [PDF 1.56 MB]
Heriot Watt Report - EMITSH [pdf 1.24MB]
TCG Note - Basic introduction to thermal surveys [PDF 53KB]
U-Value Measurements in Traditional Buildings - preliminary results [pdf, 1.08MB]
IES Report - Energy modelling of mid 19th century villa [pdf, 385kb]
Gaia Research Report - Indoor air quality and energy efficiecny in traditonal buildings [9.5MB}

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