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Climate Change

Ring of Brodgar, Orkney

Climate Change is one of the most serious and defining issues of our times.

We are already seeing the negative impacts on the global economy, environments, and social structures.

However, studies show it’s not too late to make a difference by making more sustainable choices we can keep Climate Change at bay and help reduce and even prevent terrible consequences, such as:

- Rising sea levels and increased storm events endangers historic landscapes,  buildings and archaeology causing erosion and in some cases loss, particularly in coastal areas;

- Increased extremes of wetting and drying causing accelerated decay of stonework and affect ground stability to threaten historic buildings;

- Changes in vegetation patterns that threaten the visibility and integrity of archaeological remains and historic landscapes and endanger our biodiversity;

- Changes in the distribution of pests that threatens the integrity of historic buildings, collections and designed landscapes;

- Increased frequency or geographical range of extreme weather giving increased risk of damage to some historic landscapes and buildings

Our role in climate change

Effect on the Historic Environment

Coastal erosion

How climate change is affecting the historic environment

Climate Change Action Plan 2012-2017

Front cover of A Climate Action Plan

A Climate Change Action Plan for Historic Scotland 2012-2017.

Adapting to Change

Effects of climate change

How we are responding to the challenge of climate change

Green Tourism

Traditional windows

Sustainable tourism & how our sites are assessed

Further Information

Maes Howe, Orkney World Heritage Site

Useful sources of further information

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