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Archaeology Strategy

A 2000 year old weaving comb
An Archaeology Strategy for Scotland is currently being developed by the Archaeology Strategy team in partnership with the Scottish Strategic Archaeology Committee and colleagues across the sector.

The Strategy is taking its lead from Our Place in Time, the Historic Environment Strategy for Scotland (2014) and is looking at the way in which archaeology contributes to the vision for the Historic Environment.

The Strategy also seeks to work with Going Further: the National Strategy for Scotland’s Museums and Galleries, cognisant of the key role that Museums play in the investigation, curation and celebration of our archaeological heritage.

It is intended that we will be creating a Strategy for Scotland, and Historic Scotland’s role in developing and promoting the strategy recognises its own responsibility to provide co-ordinated leadership and encourage and promote partnerships.

The ethos behind the strategy is to make archaeology matter, ensuring that it plays a key role in our understanding of Scottish place-making and identity, enriching and improving the quality of people’s lives.

Scottish Strategic Archaeology Committee

The Scottish Strategic Archaeology Committee was established in Autumn 2013. Comprising people with differing areas of expertise who can contribute to the development of the strategy, it is chaired by Professor Stephen Driscoll, who is Professor of Historical Archaeology at Glasgow University and a member of Historic Scotland’s Advisory Board.

Scottish Strategic Archaeology Committee

Archaeology Strategy Team

The Archaeology Strategy Team was established in Autumn 2012. Originally part of the Policy Directorate in Historic Scotland (now the Historic Environment Policy Unit of Scottish Government) the Team is now part of the Chief Executive’s Group.

Archaeology Strategy Team

The team comprises, from left to right:
Rod McCullagh: Deputy Head of Archaeology Strategy
Dr Lisa Brown: Archaeology Manager
Dr Rebecca Jones: Head of Archaeology Strategy
Mike Elliot: Business Officer

The team has responsibility for the development and implementation of Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy, working with the Scottish Strategic Archaeology Committee and colleagues across the sector. The team is also responsible for the management of the Archaeology Programme – Historic Scotland’s investment in archaeology –  working  closely with colleagues in the Investments and Grants team. Some 60 projects per year are supported through the Archaeology Programme and you can find out more about archaeology funds on our website.

In addition to grants and commissions we run a Human Remains Call-off Contract, currently (2013-16) held by AOC Archaeology. We also run the Radiocarbon Dating Contract, currently (2013-15) held by the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre (SUERC). Through the programme we seek to ensure that all projects in receipt of funding from Historic Scotland and its predecessors are fully completed. This involves the provision of grants for publication costs where appropriate, as well as ensuring that project archives are appropriately deposited (with the support of colleagues in the Historic Scotland Collections Team).

The team is currently looking at the legacy of projects funded by Historic Scotland and its predecessors. We hope to ensure these are brought to full completion, which will result in maximum public benefit from these archaeological activities. You can find out more about that on our Archaeological Legacy projects page.

We also work closely with colleagues in the HS Communications to maximise public knowledge about, and interest in, projects nearing completion or at publication stage.

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