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The Town of Glenrothes in Fife, Scotland, has a distinctive and diverse collection of public art set within a carefully planned urban landscape, dating from 1965 to the present. A spirit of collective enterprise driven by a range of social ideals was given focus through the pioneering appointment of a “Town Artist” by the Glenrothes Development Corporation in 1968. Often taking the history of the area as its inspiration, the art helps to define the identity of the town.

In 2010, Historic Scotland undertook a study of the public art of Glenrothes. The study has highlighted the importance of Glenrothes in the story of Scotland’s public art and also tells us much about the development of our five New Towns.

'Places' Glenrothes Town Art'Places' Glenrothes Town Art

A short guide to the distinctive sculptures of Glenrothes,

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Former town artists:
David Harding
Malcom Robertson

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Art locations and walking routes


The round icons pinpoint the location of each work of art in Glenrothes. Click on them for further information and images.

The five colour coded walking routes each has its own distinct identity. Click on the coloured lines for a brief introduction to each walk. The distance and recommended time to allow to complete each route is also given.

Download copies of the walks here in PDF format - Town Centre, Pitteuchar, Riverside, Stenton, Woodside.

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