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We have created a new public body, Historic Environment Scotland. While we work on shaping our future we can reassure you that all services and products will continue as normal. Please follow our progress and find out more about our new organisation.


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Charges for Information in the Publication Scheme

Unless otherwise stated in Section 12 – Classes of Information, all information contained within our scheme is available from us free of charge where it can be downloaded from our website or where it can be sent to you electronically by email.

We reserve the right to impose charges for providing information in paper copy or on computer disc.  Charges will reflect the actual costs of reproduction and postage to the authority, as set out below.

In the event that a charge is to be levied, you will be advised of the charge and how it has been calculated.  Information will not be provided to you until payment has been received.

Reproduction costs:

Where charges are applied, photocopied information will be charged at a standard rate of 10p per A4 side of paper (black and white copy) and 30p per A4 side of paper (colour copy).

Computer discs will be charged at the rate of £1.00 per CD-Rom.

Postage cost:

We will pass on postage charges to the requester at the cost to the authority of sending the information by first class post.

There are also a small number of publications for which Historic Scotland makes a charge. These documents include items such as Guidebooks, Technical Advice Notes and Historic Scotland Images.  These publications will be charged at the cover price, plus actual postage costs, as charged by the Royal Mail.  Details of any individual charges which differ from the above charging policy are provided within Section 12 – Classes of Information.

Charges for all Other HS Information

For information which is not in the Publication Scheme, information is free of charge up to £600.* We will do all we can to meet your request within this limit but if it is likely to cost us more than £600 to provide the information, we will ask you to refine it to bring it within the limit.

* This is the upper cost limit set by the Fees Regulations under FoI. If the cost of providing the information is above the upper cost limit and you are unable to refine it to bring the cost of providing the information within the limit, we may either opt to charge for costs projected above £600 or decide not to provide the information. If we need to make a charge, we will contact you before sending any information.

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