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Commemorative Plaque Scheme

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the nomination criteria?

A. Every nomination has to meet basic selection criteria before it can be considered. Most importantly, a building with a significant association to the subject must survive, and the person in question must have been dead for at least 20 years and also have passed the centenary of their birth.

Q. How many times can a nomination be made for a specific person?

A. Only one nomination will be allowed for each significant person. Therefore if a group/individual has already submitted a nomination for A.N. Other, no further nominations for them will be considered, regardless of whether the nomination relates to another property.

Q. Will sites where buildings once stood be accepted?

A. Where the building has been radically altered or demolished, this important relationship is seen to have been broken. It is for this reason that Historic Scotland will not consider placing plaques on sites, but only on the buildings that were known to the people being commemorated.

Q. What is the theme for 2013?

A. The theme for 2013 is inspired by "The Year of Natural Scotland" celebrating Scotland’s outstanding natural beauty and culture. From stunning natural and historic landscapes, art inspired by nature, surprising wildlife and delicious food & drink, you can find nature right on your doorstep. Nominations are therefore sought from those who have contributed to the representation and imagining of Scotland in any number of fields that could include literature, visual arts, architecture and design.

Q. How can I propose a plaque?

A. You can read more on how to propose a plaque.

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