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From Wizards to Jesters


Looking for something different to do this Easter? Perhaps you need a change from rolling eggs?

Well, how about joining our Fool School at Stirling Castle? As you may know, the jester held the very important role of injecting some laughter and humour into the sophisticated royal court. This Sunday 20 and Monday 21 April you can learn some tricks of your own at our school with a difference from 12pm to 4pm.

Jesters at Stirling Castle

Now you too can become a jester!

But that’s not all you can enjoy at Stirling’s spectacular castle this weekend! In the countdown to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games we’ll be running our very own Renaissance Games in the Queen Anne Garden. Come along and try your hand at quoites, skittles and badminton or take aim with some crossbow training.

Throughout our two-day Easter egg-stravaganza at Stirling Castle you can also meet our Easter puppets Hamish the Highlander and Pickles the Bear, out to cause mayhem on an Easter egg hunt! You can also enjoy our very own panto-style production staring Baron Hardegg and Hugo Softboiled. Or perhaps you’re looking for something a little more noble to enjoy in such royal surroundings? We’ll have our ladies of the court on hand to instruct you on the principled art of Renaissance dancing.

Dancers at Stirling Castle

Learn to dance – Renaissance Style!

Meanwhile, over at Edinburgh Castle we’ll have a weekend of magic, wizardry and science. From Saturday 19 until Monday 21 April come and see us up on our volcanic rock and meet Kramus Nexifius, a 2500 year old wizard, who has returned to Edinburgh Castle to bring us magic and mystery. Kramus will be taking up residence at the castle to enchant our Easter visitors with some incredible tricks, sleight of hand and good old fashioned magic.

Children watch a magic show at Edinburgh Castle

Be amazed at Edinburgh Castle

If you consider yourself to be of a more scientific persuasion, our Medieval Construction Science Show could be for you! As part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival, Peter the Stonemason looks at quandaries like ‘how do you build a castle turret without a crane?’ and ‘how can we move a tonne of stone without a lorry?’  Our ancestors obviously managed it, and Peter will reveal how – with the help of friction and gravity!

Medieval Construction Show

So much to learn, see and do this weekend

We’ll also take a look at what the sun and the stars have to do with the One o’Clock gun. Joining a team from The Royal Observatory Edinburgh, you can take a look at some of the impressive equipment used today to study the sun and get hands on with meteorites that have come all the way from outer space!

But you don’t have to travel light years to enjoy our Magical Easter weekend at Edinburgh. Right in the heart of the city, our weekend will also include a kid’s quiz in the form of an Easter egg hunt and a Birds of Prey feature with Rhuallan Raptors at the castle.  All of this is taking place each day from 12pm to 4pm.

Now, I wonder if Kramus could help me be in two places at once this weekend to make the most of Easter in Scotland…


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