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Capturing Jedburgh Abbey


Unlike invading border armies of the past, my recent trip to capture Jedburgh Abbey was an entirely peaceful affair – coming ‘armed’ only with my trusty camera and ever expanding shot list!

Jedburgh Abbey

Jedburgh Abbey

I’d spent some valuable time learning the ropes of producing video with the National Trust for Scotland, filming for the opening of the new exciting new Battle of Bannockburn Heritage Centre. More recently myself and the Historic Scotland Digital and Marketing teams were treated to a day with Christian Payne of Documentally learning about video production for social media.

With all this valuable know-how stored upstairs, I took to the road to film one of my favourite Historic Scotland properties – Jedburgh Abbey.
I’ve always had a soft spot for the abbey, having visited a number of times as a youngster on the way to family holidays south of the border. It allowed my parents to make use of our Historic Scotland membership, with the added benefit of a rest from my brother and I perpetually battling for space in the back seat of our car!

There’s so much to see: the artefacts, the beautiful garden and the spectacular nave are just some of the highlights I remembered as a child. Based on these, albeit faded, memories I was able to get together a plan of footage I wanted to get throughout the day.  Everything I had remembered about the abbey was made even more striking on a day where the Scottish summer was in full flow!

The fantastic staff, Paul, Mel and Katie, were really friendly and pointed out some areas worth getting on camera, so before long I found myself taking several detours from my initial plan. Recording brilliant architecture like this and doing it justice is tough. Nevertheless, with my recently acquired tricks of the trade, I hoped to retain at least some of the magic on this side of the lens.

If you’ve got a minute (well, 70 seconds, but close enough right?) take a look at the finished video for a taste of what you can expect at Jedburgh Abbey.


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