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Welcome to The Chain Mail - a visitor’s guide to the sights and sounds of Historic Scotland

Robin McKelvie

Robin is a full-time travel writer, photographer, broadcaster and blogger who has worked in more than 100 countries. His articles have appeared in over 150 magazines and newspapers across five continents. Robin lives in South Queensferry with his family and is extremely excited about blogging his Historic Scotland experiences!27 Articles

Sally Gall

Sally works in the Interpretation Unit, and loves the writing and research involved in telling tales of the castles, abbeys, cairns and factories in our care – especially when this involves folklore and music.25 Articles

Jean Burke

Jean works in the marketing department focusing mainly on our events programme. She mostly blogs about upcoming events, campaigns and all the wonderful goings-on at Historic Scotland.24 Articles

Guest Post

From time to time we have guest posts from suppliers, visitors and friends of Historic Scotland.22 Articles

Aimee Bertram

Aimee works in the marketing department focusing on events and all the fabulous properties in the south of Scotland. She mostly blogs about upcoming events, and everything about the year of food and drink from recipes to interviews on the best of Scotland’s natural larder.21 Articles

Ali George

Ali works in the Communications Team helping to tell the many stories of Historic Scotland to visitors, members of the media and anyone else who is interested!12 Articles

Andrew Burnet

Andrew Burnet works in the Interpretation Unit at Historic Scotland and was the main author of Mary Was Here, about the travels of Mary Queen of Scots. His epic poem for children about Picts and Vikings has yet to find a publisher.10 Articles

Karen Rafferty

Karen works with our Sales and Marketing teams. She loves taking her children to different Historic Scotland properties, and her favourite so far is Blackness Castle. Still on her wish list is Skara Brae Prehistoric Village and Fort George.8 Articles

Lisa Craig

Lisa works in the Marketing team, where her focus is on Edinburgh Castle and Historic Scotland sites in the North. She looks after the social media channels for Edinburgh Castle and will mostly be blogging about the events and the happenings at the castle!8 Articles

Nicola McCrae

Nicola works in the Marketing Team and has responsibility for Stirling Castle as well as our central properties. She blogs about Stirling and all the fantastic events, stories and people at the site - but is looking forward to discovering wonderful things about the other properties now in her care.5 Articles

Sabine Kurz

Sabine works in the Digital Team looking after the organisation's social media channels and blogs.5 Articles

Bob Tevendale

Bob Tevendale is Historic Scotland's Natural Heritage Advisor. He blogs about the wildlife, plants and landscapes of Scotland's historic sites.4 Articles

Alison Clark

Alison previously worked in our Interpretation Team, writing blogs on up-coming events. Her favourite Historic Scotland experience was at Whithorn Priory’s museum, where she fell in love with the beautiful carved stones.4 Articles

Members Magazine

Our Historic Scotland Members Magazine features many different articles from our properties to history and of course our events. They are written by Fiona McKinlay, Jonathan McIntosh and Kathleen Morgan from the Think office, and also from time to time by free-lancers and historians.3 Articles

Adrian Cox

Adrian is part of Historic Scotland’s Cultural Resources Team. He advises on archaeological and historical matters at our properties, and knows those in southern Scotland especially well. Very keen on public engagement, he often gives guided tours!3 Articles

Steve Farrar

Steve is based in our Interpretation Department and has the wonderful task of telling the stories behind our sites throughout Scotland. This gives him a lots of chances to get out and about visiting as many locations as possible!2 Articles

Steven Blyth

Steven works in the Digital Team at Historic Scotland. When he’s not working on developing our new and existing websites he’s blogging about them, as well as his experiences visiting our properties from a digital media perspective.2 Articles

Lisa Robshaw

Lisa is Historic Scotland's Marketing Manager and mostly blogs about our fascinating sites and the fun to be had at our brilliant events! Her 'must see' sites are Linlithgow Palace and Castle Campbell, and top of her 'to visit' list for 2014 is Orkney.2 Articles

Sandy Easson

A former chef, Sandy is now one of our Stirling Castle Guides and often reignites his passion for food by developing and presenting food presentations such as A Taste of the Past, The Makk’in o’ Haggis and A Royal celebration.1 Articles

Emma Bowie

Emma is based at Edinburgh Castle. She spends much of her time working with film crews, our fantastic living history performers and external event companies such as the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. She mostly blogs about up and coming events taking place at the castle.1 Articles

Peter Yeoman

Peter is one of our go-to contacts for researching the cultural and historical significance of our sites. He was part of the team which recently completed the re-interpretation of Iona Abbey along with a new museum at the abbey dedicated to the wonderful carved stone crosses, now beautifully lit - do visit!1 Articles

Keir Booth

Keir previously worked in the marketing department with a focus on Edinburgh Castle and Historic Scotland attractions in the south region. He has now left HS for pastures new.1 Articles

Alice Wyllie

Alice has now left Historic Scotland. She did a great job working in the press office, liaising with the media on everything from events to archaeology!1 Articles

Nicki Scott

Nicki is a cultural resources advisor with our Cultural and Natural Resources team. A historian by trade, Nicki mainly gives historical advice relating to our properties.1 Articles

Miles Oglethorpe

Miles works in Historic Scotland’s Conservation Directorate and leads the Industrial Heritage team. Its work covers a huge range of sites and activities, and every now and then, involves a foray or two into the world of whisky.1 Articles

Gareth Cheeseman

Gareth works in our Cultural and Natural Resources Team, piecing together the stories of our sites, and ensuring their histories are preserved and communicated for posterity.1 Articles

Robin Balmforth

Donna Laidlaw